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In the locality " The Edge of the Wood ", Clara and his father, an artist photographer with the tired eyes, wait for the return of Marianne, the mother, the partner, mysteriously disappeared.

In the sky, over them, a cloud passes, plunging the faces into a disproportionate and disturbing shadow. In a close city, Simon crosses Marianne's way. Shortly after, in front of the eyes, the world disappears during moment, up to the black. Then her memory becomes shady.

Soon, Clara will discover in a field Simon's shaky body going out of a damaged car. They will fall in love. A little later, before all the characters are gathered the cloud will invade " the Edge of the wood ", to separate another one moment, in its opacity, beings and things.


Les films du Worso, Papaye, Atlan Films, Le Fresnoy

Financial Partners

Cofinova 3 et Cinémage, CNC (Avance sur recettes), Région Aquitaine


Sébastien Betbeder


Nathalie Boutefeu, Adrien Michaux, Bruno Sermonne, Aurore Clément



International sales

Bodega Films

Festivals and rewards

  • Emergences - rewarded

  • Angers Film Festival

  • Locarno Festival

  • Lecce Festival